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What is Freestyle?

Freestyle Calling is the NEW way to work as a Call Center Agent...

Freestyle Telecom Technologies Inc has developed a Mobile Remote Workforce application for the call center industry.


When you become a Freestyle Agent, you are a self-employed contractor - you work whenever you want, from wherever you want. Using the mobile application, you decide when you want to log-in and earn real money.

There are no minimum or maximum shifts, if there is a campaign running, you choose if you want to participate.

Freestyle Agents receive alerts when campaigns are available, and log in or out when they want.


To become a Freestyle Agent, you need to have a mobile device, an Internet connection, and earbuds with a microphone so you can make calls while looking at your device - YES, it's that simple!


Once your registration is approved, you choose what certifications you want to get through FSU, our on-line university - you can choose from:


Customer Service Representative

Help Desk Agent

Credit/Collection Officer

Insurance Agent

Sales Support Agent

Transfer Agent

Health Care Support Clerk

Membership Renewal Agent


Once you complete each new certification, it is added to your Agent profile and you can participate in more calling campaigns.

Use our Contact Form, or e-mail us at to Learn More!


Freestyle in TAG Mode


TAG Mode is the Transfer Agent Gateway mode of the Freestyle Remote Workforce Application.

It's a great way to get started using the Freestyle application.


As a Transfer Agent, you verify the identity of connections and transfer calls to secure service centers across North America - you get paid for every successful transfer that you make.


Call as many, or as few people as you like...


TAG Mode Pre-Registration is OPEN!

You can Pre-register now to become a Freestyler and use the APP in TAG Mode!

Provide basic information regarding your interest in becoming a Freestyle Agent, we will send you a registration package and begin the approval process.

In certain cases, may not yet be available in your area, and certain campaigns may require additional security and background clearance - you will be notified if these limitations may affect you, and we will never perform any background or reference checks without your authorization.

North America: 1-844-961-FREE (3733)

Worldwide: +01 778 372 0316

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